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Venice Island Hotels Italy

  • This easy-to-use Venice map shows a wide selection of Cannaregio hotels.
  • To book an affordable Cannaregio hotel, search dates then click hotel name.
  • Booking Venice hotels near Cannaregio has never been quicker or easier.
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Cannaregio Hotels

If you’re searching for peace in Venice and the chance for a romantic stroll along quiet canals, a good place to start is Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto Nuovo, where the buildings are taller and more enclosing and the pace of daily life more serene. Though the main tourist sights, seen so often in films and documentaries offer every visitor an authentic thrill, it is often these quiet nooks and crannies – with sunlight shining on water and crumbling stucco façades – that provide the memories of Venice you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life.
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Apogia Sirio hotel Venice
5.0  Delfino Venice
Londra Palace Hotel Venice
5.0  Metropole Hotel Venice
Plaza hotel Venice
5.0  Excelsior hotel Venice
Locanda Ovidius hotel Venice
4.8  Danieli Hotel Venice
Liassidi Palace hotel Venice
4.7  Dona Palace hotel Venice
Bauer Hotel Venice
4.7  Panorama hotel Venice
Colombina Hotel Venice
4.7  Bonvecchiati Palace Venice
Locanda Vivaldi Hotel Venice
4.6  Anastasia hotel Venice
Savoia E Jolanda Hotel Venice
4.6  Rivamare hotel Venice
Duodo Palace hotel Venice
4.6  Westin Europa and Regina Venice
Biasutti hotel Venice
4.5  Ausonia and Hungaria hotel Venice
Manin hotel Venice
4.5  Monaco E Grand Canal Venice
Residenza Goldoni hotel Venice
4.5  Rialto Hotel Venice
San Zulian Hotel Venice
4.5  San Marco Palace Suites Venice
Tritone hotel Venice
4.5  Venezia 2000 hotel Venice
Giorgione Hotel Venice
4.5  Atlanta Augustus hotel Venice
Concordia Hotel Venice
4.4  Diana Hotel Venice
Commercio and Pellegrino Venice
4.3  Villa Igea hotel Venice
Locanda Sturion hotel Venice
4.3  Saturnia International Hotel Venice
San Giorgio hotel Venice
4.3  Bonvecchiati Hotel Venice
Kette Hotel Venice
4.2  Cadei Conti Hotel Venice
Graspo de Ua hotel Venice
4.2  Locanda Remedio hotel Venice
Luna Baglioni Hotel Venice
4.1  Scandinavia Hotel Venice
Amadeus hotel Venice
4.0  Piave hotel Venice
San Gallo Hotel Venice
4.0  Lux hotel Venice
Residenza Casa San Marco Venice
3.9  Alcyone Hotel Venice
Antico Panada Hotel Venice
3.7  Canada hotel Venice
Lisbona Hotel Venice
3.7  Best Western San Marco Venice
Royal San Marco Venice
3.4  Santa Marina Hotel Venice
Alexander hotel Veniceno reviews yet Antony hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Arlecchino hotel Veniceno reviews yet Atlantide hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Basilea hotel Veniceno reviews yet Belle Epoque hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Bologna hotel Veniceno reviews yet Ca Del Borgo hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Buon Pesce hotel Veniceno reviews yet Villa Casanova hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Club hotel Veniceno reviews yet Ducale hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Villa Edera hotel Veniceno reviews yet Elite hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Ai Due Fanali hotel Veniceno reviews yet Antiche Figure hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Quattro Fontane hotel Veniceno reviews yet Alla Giustizia hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Hesperia Hotel Veniceno reviews yet Holiday Inn Mestre Veniceno reviews yet
Al Ponte Antico hotel Veniceno reviews yet Bisanzio Hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Carlton Capri hotel Veniceno reviews yet Dei Dogi Hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Gritti Palace hotel Veniceno reviews yet Principe Hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Sofitel Venezia Hotel Veniceno reviews yet Villa Mabapa hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Nh Laguna Palace Veniceno reviews yet Albatros hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Centrale hotel Veniceno reviews yet Holiday hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Ai Mori D Oriente hotel Veniceno reviews yet Trieste hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Vienna hotel Veniceno reviews yet Novotel Mestre Veniceno reviews yet
Villa Paradiso hotel Veniceno reviews yet Bellini hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Canal Hotel Veniceno reviews yet Carlton Grand Canal hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Petit Palais hotel Veniceno reviews yet President hotel Veniceno reviews yet
Tre Archi Hotel Veniceno reviews yet Titian Inn Veniceno reviews yet
Villa Tiziana hotel Veniceno reviews yet 
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